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Dog Ownership 101 - March/April 2016

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Dog Ownership 101 teaches dog owners how to properly groom and provide for their pets. Learn the tricks the best dog owners already know!



YOUR 6-PART CHECKLIST FOR MAKING DOG EXERCISE MORE FUN by Kelly Livingston Dogs require a decent amount of exercise and as a dog owner you need to ensure your dog exercises enough. There are many ways to have fun and get your dog some exercise. As a dog owner, you must recognize the importance of getting your dog the proper amount of exercise. Dogs that exercise are happier, healthier and more fun to live with. Exercising your dog can also be fun for you too! You can either go to the park and play with your dog or you can take your dog on a run. Here’s a checklist to make doggy exercise time more enjoyable for both of you. RUNNING OR 1 JOGGING WITH YOUR DOG The optimum way for giving you and your doggy sufficient exercise is to run or jog together. Most people who run do so no matter what else is going on. Your dog will like that consistency. Running on a hard surface also means you won’t have to trim your dog’s nails a lot either because it will act as a natural file. You might like running at least three miles at a time, but start your dog off more slowly than this. She will have to slowly increase her stamina to run this distance. Begin running one mile with her, then slowly increase her distance until it’s the same as yours. This should take about two weeks. Since dogs often experience bloating, don’t feed them for an hour before or after a hard workout. When playing in the snow, certain dogs can get snowballs in the areas between the pads on their paws. PREPARE YOUR DOG 2 BEFORE YOU GO JOGGING This issue can be alleviated by trimming any extra fur on the bottom of their paws. Another option is to apply Vaseline or DOG ownership 101 | MARCH / APRIL 2016 59

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