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Dog Ownership 101 - March/April 2016

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Dog Ownership 101 teaches dog owners how to properly groom and provide for their pets. Learn the tricks the best dog owners already know!



7 STEPS TO TAKE BEFORE GETTING A DOG by Alicia Breckenridge Having a dog can be a great deal of fun, but it also requires a great deal of responsibility. Before buying a dog, make sure that you are really ready to be a dog owner. Owning a dog can be a really fun experience. But it is important to remember that being a dog owner is not all fun and games. Dogs can be expensive and the proper care of a dog requires a great deal of responsibility. The following steps will show you the right questions to ask yourself, and they will help you to decide whether or not you are ready to bring a dog into your life. CONSIDER THE COST OF HAVING A DOG 1 Dogs may be happiness that money can buy, however, the cost does not stop with the purchase. Even a dog given to you by a friend or family member has costly needs. The affection and love are free, however, the necessities that come with it are not. Yes, free dogs are not really free. Even a mid-sized dog can chew, eat and barf his way through almost 00 in no time. You don’t skimp out with generic dog food for this royal pup, so estimate 0 for proper food. Even simple dog tags average between - . There is a long list of expenses you have to bear even if your dog is young and healthy. You need to vaccinate your dog at the right times and your dog must be regularly examined for any signs of diseases and infestation by parasites. For all these, you need to pay a good sum to the vet. Grooming your dog will cost you an additional sum of 0 a year. 2 IDENTIFY COMMON DOG EXPENSES If you need to hire someone to look after your dog in your absence, you have to pay that person too for his/her services. Another 100 bucks will go out of your pocket if you hire somebody to take your dog out for a refreshing walk. Then there are other items of expense like food, toys, clothing, bedding and so on for your dog. That is not including the baseboards that have been gnawed at, the torn up sofa cushions, or the slobbery shoes. Plus, what about all of the DOG ownership 101 | MARCH / APRIL 2016 19

Dog Ownership 101

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