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Dog Ownership 101 - January/February 2016

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Dog Ownership 101 teaches dog owners how to properly groom and provide for their pets. Learn the tricks the best dog owners already know!


HOW TO BUY THE BEST CRATE, FOOD BOWL AND DOG BED by Alicia Breckenridge If you are in the market for a new dog bed, why not buy a new crate while you’re at it? A dog crate is a very intelligent idea for many different reasons. If you are currently shopping for essential dog accessories, be sure that a crate is high on your list. Dog crates are practical and convenient, and can even be lifesaving for your dog in a natural disaster. Learn why dog crates are such an excellent idea and how to shop for a great dog crate, dog bed and food bowl. A Dog Crate Works Well For Timeouts If your dog has bad behavior, using the crate is perfect for ‘timeout.’ Should there be a reason you don’t want them underfoot, like a guest with allergies, the constant movement of contractors or other workers, having a crate is ideal. Use caution though. Be sure they understand the crate isn’t a specific place for punishment. The crate is also ideal for what it was originally created for, transport. Loose dogs in your car can be incredibly annoying and possibly dangerous. Using a crate is much safer. If there is an auto accident, loose dogs are just as vulnerable to injury as any single person. Crates are durable. Durable enough that a dog kept in a crate once survived a plane crash with an almost total loss of human life. Traveling With A Crated Pet Is Well Received As you travel with your pet, you’ll see that when you arrive with your animal crated, this will please a hotel owner, and often sweet talk them into giving you an exception when it comes to a no dog rule. A dog that is used to their crate tends to love them. It is a space of their own that provides a sense of security. Often times a dog will go to their crate without being asked. Your dog can help a household go green. Yes, even dogs can find uses for a reused crate. There is no argument that an open ended crate with a nice fluffy blanket or pillow in it, makes for the pint house of dog houses. In the case of a natural disaster, put your pet in the crate. If you have to head 60 DOG ownership 101 | JANUARY 2016

for the hills, your dog is safely contained. Get Your Dog A Crate To Prepare For Natural Disasters Don’t let your dog take all the credit for being green. The ideas are endless of how you can incorporate these crates as furniture in your home. If you are a pet owner, it is important to consider crates for your pets in the event of a natural disaster. If there is a natural disaster in your area, and you are a pet owner, there are many animal shelters available to you in which your pet can be safely boarded. The problem with these shelters is that the cages that are available for your pet are quickly filled up due to the high amount of pet owners also looking for safe havens for their pets. If you as a pet owner are able to furnish your own crate, the chances of your pet finding sanctuary in one of these animal shelters is much higher than with no crate. Be Sure To Purchase A Heavy-Duty Crate When purchasing a crate for your pet, ensure that the crate is intended for heavy use as DOG ownership 101 | JANUARY 2016 61

Dog Ownership 101

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